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Best Man Gift Caricature 01

Behold! The Best man! 

Your best mate, the only one you trust to spend countless hours arranging your stag do, keeping you out of trouble (hopefully) and who has sweated blood and tears over his speech for the big day. But what gift will you be giving your Best Man that says ‘Thanks big guy’ without all the cheesy stutterings of a Hugh Grant movie?Best Man Gift Caricature 02
You could trawl the internet looking for the usual Best Man Gift Ideas – cufflinks, an engraved lighter, or push the boat out with their own tankard (just about as thoughtful as a pair of socks at chrimbo), but a personalised Best Man gift caricature by Beefy’s Caricatures offers the perfect thank you gift for your Best Man or Ushers.

At just £75 for a single cartoon portrait, the caricatures are fun, friendly, and because they are peppered with your insider knowledge (come on, dish the dirt!), they are tailored to match their personality perfectly. They even come framed and posted – all you’ve got to do is wrap it up!

With just a few clear, up-to-date photographs (Facebook comes in handy here), as much background info as possible – jobs, hobbies, interests, nicknames, and funny stories etc, you can give the perfect Best Man Gift that will have them rolling in the aisles. In fact, they will be so chuffed with their caricature, they might just get a round in for a change!!

You can ORDER YOUR BEST MAN GIFT CARICATURE HERE and see more examples below. Best Man Gift Caricatures by Beefy’s Caricatures – No more guessing what to give!