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If you are looking for fun, personal Gifts that are a totally unique, then you’ve come to the right place.

Giving a personalised caricature as a gift to a friend, relative or work colleague, really show’s the thought and consideration you have put in to choosing their gift. What better way to celebrate a birthdayweddinganniversary or special occasion than a gift caricature that really shows off their personality, interests, and of course, good looks!

gift caricature

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Just supply me with some info on the subject such as hobbies, interests, jobs or special sayings, and send me a few decent, clear photos. The gift caricatures can be as creative and imaginative as you like -the more information you supply the better.

At only £85 for a single framed caricature and £120 for a double framed caricature including postage, you can’t go wrong!

Image Submission Guide: Try and get closer up images, ideally slightly to the side. Whole heads please (I’m a caricaturist, not a magician! x )


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