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Giving a personalised caricature as a gift couldn’t be simpler. Just fill in the form below and supply me with as much info on interests, hobbies, nick names, funny sayings and stories related to the intended subject and then upload your photo’s. Once I have received the images I will contact you to let you know my estimated turnaround (usually 2 weeks).

Gift Caricature Photo Guide

To ensure I can give you the best caricature possible (with the best likeness) please ensure you supply me with clear, up to date images. You can follow the guide below to make sure:

gift caricature correct submissionTry to send pics of the subject facing forwards, or if possible, slightly to the side (3/4 view). Please avoid sending pictures of the subject turned away or to the side.


Single (1 person) caricature, framed and posted to UK mainland – £75

Double (2 person) caricature, framed and posted to UK mainland – £95

More than 2 people: £15 per extra head/face


Submit Your Gift Order Below

[contact-form-7 id=”560″ title=”Gift Order Form”] If you’re having problems uploading or sending your gift images, you can always email them to me: beefy@beefys-caricatures.com