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Here she is, the Queen who likes to keep it in the family, Cersei Baratheon played expertly by Lena Heady. She was surprisingly easy to caricature – just hope I managed to capture that menacing beauty!?

Cersei Baratheon


Here’s my next Game of Thrones caricature – Jon Snow played by Kit Harington . I have to say, he was rock hard to caricature (due to his good looks – lucky sod) – it looks a bit more like a portrait to me – what do you think?

jon sow game of thrones caricature beefy


Been loving a bit of Game of Thrones – fast working our way through Season 3 and couldn’t resist drawing a caricature of my fave character – Tyrion Lannister! played by Peter Dinklage.

Tyrion, son of Tywin is a wiley and manipulative dwarf who seems to be the only person in the show to make much sense. Totally addicted to the series – just hope they don’t kill him off !!!

tyrion lannister beefy's caricature


I had a brilliant night drawing wedding caricatures at Sarah and David Machin’s wedding at the weekend.

The reception was held at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel in Southwell, which is the first time I have worked there – the staff we absolutely lovely and the hotel itself is gorgeous.

Sarah looked AMAZING in her dress, created by Aislinn Ball over at Boo Boo Kitty Couture, and the bridesmaids flawless make-up was expertly applied by Sali Jones of Ms Moo Makeup with fantastic vintage hair sculpted by Lucille’s Locks – you can see more of her designs on her Facebook page

The wedding guests were brilliant, even if my ears were bleeding by the end of the night from the karaoke kicking off! The happy couple are off to New York for their honeymoon – I’m only a bit jealous!

Here are some pics from the night